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ProClipse Consulting was formed to become your leading partner to solve the most relevant business challenges in today’s volatile arena. It recognised the need for a business to be continually evolving, to embrace change.

Born from a history of success, its partners have been influential in creating and reforming businesses from across the business spectrum.

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We advise organization on the processes and practices of developing and deploying a plan of action designed to achieve a specific set of interrelated objectives.

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Our culture defines us and becomes pivotal to our ongoing growth and sustainability.

We offer a complete comprehensive strategy for our clients / partners, from pre-investment in manufacturing based on market trends, consumer behavior, distributor & retailer mapping, and assessment, to the end product, its placements on retailer shelves, until it’s finally in the consumer’s hands. The first step is the assessment of your product range and its suitability for various sales channels (i.e., retail, online, B2B, etc.) as well as the possible geographic expansions. During the process, we would consider and point out the chances of success and the required investment to make it happen. The result is usually a brand (re-) positioning strategy and a business plan for the brand development and sales performance. We provide the necessary tools and support to enable an effective capability to transform.
Many of the best laid plans fail through execution. One of the reasons we have built so much success for our clients is that we stay with them during the implementation phase. This ensures an accurate execution of the strategic and operational plans in full.
We believe that change is a continuous process. Many factors can cause a business to need to transform. Our support system allows for continual expert support throughout your business journey.

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